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500 S&W Magnum Two Tone 5.12 in.




The Raging Hunter is now available in the most powerful factory revolver round: The 500 Magnum! Hunters have been asking for their favorite revolver in 500 Magnum, and now it’s here. This Raging Hunter comes with all the features you’re used to, but now with all the terminal ballistics of the 500 Magnum. The 500 Magnum Raging Hunter is available in 5, 6.75, and 8 inch barrel lengths, and features custom barrel ports to help reduce the recoil of 500 Magnum. With a 5 round capacity, the 500 Magnum Raging Hunter is the perfect companion as a backup gun for dangerous game hunts, or a primary gun for anything that walks on 4 legs.

The Raging Hunter 500 also has the following features:

  • Target barrel crown enhances accuracy for precise, ethical shots.
  • Custom porting reduces felt recoil and muzzle flip.
  • Top picatinny rail for mounting optics and accessories.
  • Unfluted cylinder increases weight and helps reduce recoil.
  • Cushioned grip provides maximum surface contact area.
  • Taurus’ double lock system keeps the cylinder secure when firing the heaviest of magnums.

Dual Lockup Cylinder
Picatinny Rail
Ported Barrel
Scope Mount

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