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Condition New in Box
Manufacturer GrovTec USA
Manufacturer Part Number GTEZ410
Type Bore Cleaners
UPC 811071012171

$17.27 $19.19


The all-new GT EZ Clean system is the latest GrovTec engineering advancement for the quality-minded firearms owner. Every aspect of this multi-stage system has been optimized for performance. The core of the system is a premium brush and mop combination, equal in quality to the fi nest rod-mounted cleaners. A nylon coated aircraft cable and non-corrosive brass connectors secure the system, providing maximum strength. Operated with an ergonomic, quick disconnect handle, the EZ Clean offers simplicity, strength and quality for the long term. Packaged complete in it’s own instantly accessible case, the EZ Clean is designed for military applications where its’ speed, strength and reliability can save a life. Every caliber is color-coded for firearm type. Because we control every aspect of the EZ Clean design and manufacturing, we can offer it at a price suitable for every gun owner that values their firearm.


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